Thursday, April 8, 2010


This picture is a picture of Edgar Allan Poe showing him in his best light. It's dark, the colors and the tone of the picture. It shows him at his desk, writing, too.

"Edgar at Work." Web. 8 Apr 2010.

Artifact 9.

This is art of Edgar Allan Poe. On this picture, there is a quote from The Raven, one, and probably the, most famous pieces by him.

"Art of Edgar Allan Poe.." Web. 8 Apr 2010.

Artifact 8. [:

This is a picture of Boston, Massachusettes.
This is where Edgar Allan Poe grew up.

"Boston." Web. 8 Apr 2010.

Artifact 7!

This is a school that is actually named afted Edgar Allan Poe. This shows how much of an honored man he is.

"Edgar Allan Poe School.." Web. 8 Apr 2010.

Artifact 6. :D

This is a painting of Edgar Allan Poe as a child. When he was only a little boy, he lost both of his parents. From there, his life was no better.

"Edgar Allan Poe as Child." Web. 8 Apr 2010.