Thursday, April 8, 2010

Artifact 9.

This is art of Edgar Allan Poe. On this picture, there is a quote from The Raven, one, and probably the, most famous pieces by him.

"Art of Edgar Allan Poe.." Web. 8 Apr 2010.


  1. During our time of the accomplishments we had, the world as we knew it was changing. We were going through the industrial revolution. I know that ballets were forever different, writing must have changed greatly as well.

  2. Hello Mr. Poe! (may I call you Edgar?) I do soo enjoy your poetry! It is so deep and touching! What do you think about when you write your poems? I compose music, and it is very interesting to me how it is to compose words?


  3. wow jus as you spoke with your words i spoke with my drawing i believe we would make a great team Mr.Poe